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latest letters

My mom needs a divorce

My mom is currently married to an alcoholic man. He's a good person when he's not drunk but thats not often anymore. ...

Can’t sleep

Hi Sam, this has been happening for at least a year now, but I‘ve been struggling to sleep when i go to bed every nig...

Dog Phobia

Dear Sam, I have always been scared of dogs. I run when they are near and they chase me. I have been injured by a dog...

Message from Sam

I often have a theme that I ask people to write in about but remember that you can still write to me about anything as well. I also want to remind everyone that of the many letters I receive each week I choose just a few to answer on my page. I'm sorry if I don't answer your letter but there is probably a similar letter that I've answered before which might help. If you definitely want a response you can always talk to one of our counsellors.

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School stuff

Hi, my name's G**** and I'm Year 9. I have just sat an Economics mock exam and I got my results back and I got a fa...


I am eleven years old and will start at a girls secondary school in September. I will miss all mi friends and I don't...

I really want my own family

Hello sam, I'm 16 years old, 17 in a few months time, and i am currently waiting for my GCSE results, and am hopeful...

Quitting Sixth Form

Hi I'm 16 and I started sixth form this September and I'm really not enjoying it. Am I allowed to quit?

fitting in

hi, im autistic [ i have aspergers syndrome] and im having problems fitting in at my new school, i have about 2 frien...


In May I'm going to be doing my SATs. I'm feeling a bit nervous and don't want to talk to anyone about it, incase the...


Hi Sam,I know you have got loads of letters about exams already, but I feel like I actually need to write down what I...

Leaving primary school

i am leaving my primary and i am really upset, i dont know how i will fit in with everyone.


Im in year 6 and I have only got 1 week and 2 days left at my primary school and im really nervous about high school ...


I think I have ADD/ADHD because I have read up on it and can relate to most symptoms. As I am near to taking my exams...

Panicking about sixth form

Dear Sam,In september im meant to be starting a brand new school for sixth form, i went to the taster day this week a...

Moving...yet again

I recently did my GCSE exams and I got some pretty good results, and I got into sixth form, so no problems here. In Y...

High school

I am moving to high school in September and I'm scared that I will be split up from my friends what shall I do?

going to high school

I'm going to high school in semptember and here's the thing my really close friend is going to a different school and...


im moving school and l don't want to im leaving all my friends behind how can i stop being so sad xx


I have just left my primary school forty minutes ago and now I feel really sad. I'm excited to go to high school but ...

I've left my primary school

Dear sam,I've left my primary school and is going on to big school. None of my friends are going to be in my class. I...


im moving school and l don't want to im leaving all my friends behind how can i stop being so sad xx

Im worried

Im scared from going from primary school to high school. Its a nervous step and im worried. I need some help about ho...

Moving to Secondary School

i am starting secondry school soon and i am so scared but i have no idea why. i have loved my time at primary school ...

Starting Sixth Form

Hi Sam I have just started Sixth Form a couple of weeks ago at a new school but I'm struggling to fit in :( There ...

Starting sixth form

I'm sixteen and I have just started sixth form at a new school, I was really happy to go somewhere different from eve...