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Whether it's sharing your ideas, campaigning or taking part in quizzes and surveys, there are loads of ways you can be part of Childline.

talking about exam results

This month we're looking at exam results and your future. 

Getting your results can be really nerve-racking, and there can be a lot to think about your future. If you need support, our counsellors are here to talk and you can take a look at our advice on exam results.

Results day survival guide

Stressed out

Life after school

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Your images

This month, we want to see your images all about coming out.

Use our Art Box to create an image, and have as many goes as you like.

Here's some inspiration from images you've created.

Image from gallery

Image from gallery

Image from gallery

you're talking about...

Check out this month's conversations on Ask Sam and the message boards

Gap year / university

hi there, ​ nothing big but i was wondering what happens once im 18 with decision making. i want to go on a gap year ...

11+ exam

i feel like ive got to be perfect and pass tests like my sister but i dont want to do the tests. i hate putting up a ...

got rejected

I went to an interview for an apprenticeship and i found out that they rejected me. What if i can never be good enoug...

tell us what you think

Here are just some of the things you helped us with last year:

  • You told us what helps when you're in the queue for a counsellor so we can improve your experience
  • You helped us make a tool to remove your personal images posted online
  • You gave us ideas for a quiz to help young people who've been bullied
  • You tested the Childline App to make sure it was running smoothly.