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There are loads of ways you can be part of Childline.

Talk: speak to other Childline users via our Message Boards or check Ask Sam about anything that’s worrying you.
upload images you’ve created in the Art Box to our Image Gallery or join in the conversation on social media.
if you’re over 16, you can volunteer for us.

This month’s topic

This month we're looking at Christmas.

Christmas can be difficult for many people, particularly if you feel like everyone else is having a great time and you’re not. 

If you’re feeling down or stressed out at this time of year, read our advice on coping at Christmas and check out our pages on looking after your mental health.

Watch: Not So Merry Christmas ft. Joe Conza

Christmas on a budget ft. Becky

Eating problems at Christmas ft. Hannah and Dan

New from you

Your images

This month, we want to see your images all about Christmas and the festive season.

Use our Art Box to create an image, and have as many goes as you like.

Here's some inspiration from images you've already created.

Image from gallery

Image from gallery

Image from gallery

Image from gallery

you're talking about...

Check out conversations on Ask Sam and the message boards about Christmas and the festive season.

Post-Christmas Mental Health

I suffer with bad depression, anxiety/panic and OCD, but the few weeks before Christmas I've been feeling really good...

Christmas stress

I get really stressed at out Christmas time and sometimes it's too much. I get stressed about everything and then I e...


This is going to be the second Christmas without nan, and last year was probably the hardest. She was always a big pa...

Get involved in what we do

Childline is part of the NSPCC, a charity that helps prevent child abuse. Both the NSPCC and Childline have lots of ways that you can get involved.

Share your thoughts

Here are just some of the things you’ve helped us with.

  • You told us what helps when you're in the queue for a counsellor so we can improve your experience.
  • You helped us make a tool to remove your personal images posted online.
  • You gave us ideas for a quiz to help young people who've been bullied.
  • You tested the Childline App to make sure it was running smoothly.