However you're feeling, it can be great to express yourself and do things you enjoy. And that's where we come in. Take your mind off things with games, advice from our videos or find new ways to handle your emotions. And it's all in your handy toolbox.

Your locker, your space

The locker is your personal place on Childline. When you sign up, you can customise how it looks, write in your journal and create images.

In your locker, you can send private messages to a counsellor, and see messages from Childline. You can also see notifications about the message boards and save pages to come back to later.

Anything you save to your locker is between you and Childline. Sometimes we might contact you about something you’ve written or saved, but we’d only tell someone else if we were worried about someone’s safety.

get creative

Sometimes it helps to get your feelings out into words or art. If you're feeling frustrated, or if things get too much you can create something to keep in your locker. You could share how good you're feeling today or even create something just so you can delete it, and watch as those feelings disappear.

videos to help

Whatever your worry, we've got loads of videos with tips and advice on what you can do.

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what to watch this month

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