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how can I survive in the house hold drama

my parents take everything out onme im never enough its always this and thag then i get shouted at to do more whenver there stressed it slways me they didnt get me food in the airport but got them cus “i startef “ i didnt i was being yelled ag infrony of everyone they was all laughing i was cryiny i cant cope no more

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Hi there,

It can be upsetting when your parents or carers take everything out on you and it’s unfair to be shouted at when you haven’t done anything wrong. This is sometimes called emotional abuse and it isn’t your fault. You have the right to feel happy and supported at home.

When you live with people that shout at you a lot it can make you feel sad and unconfident. The building confidence page has advice that can help and the Tower of Confidence game can be a fun way of remembering all of the really good things about you. You deserve to feel good about yourself. The Calm Zone on the Childline website has things like breathing exercises that can help you feel more calm when you’re feeling upset.

Talking about your feelings can really help and the Childline counsellors are always here to listen and support you. You can also talk to other young people on the message boards who may have been through a similar situation and who share what they do to cope and get help and support.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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