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arguing i can hear next door

hi I was wondering what should I do if I can hear two parents arguing almost every day in front of their children? th...

1-2-1 Counsellors

Hi Sam, I was just wondering how likely is it that someone will talk to the same counsellor twice if they go to chat ...

Messed up my GCSE's.

​ Hi Sam, ​ I've just completed my GCSE's and when I got the results back I was so shocked because they were so awful...

Being in a wheelchair

Dear sam i have been in a wheelchair since I was 11 because I was knocked by a car and lost both of my legs and have ...


Hi Sam, i am ten years old, but I feel like I need to start shaving. My mum says that she is going to tell me about g...

In love with a celebrity

Dear Sam I have started becoming really obsessed with the lead singer of my favourite band. I keep stalking her socia...

Message from Sam

Going back to school can be a nervous experience for some people. It might be the start of something new for you or it could mean going back to a place where you struggle with other issues like bullying. I'd like to hear from anyone who has worries about going back to school.

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1-2-1 Counsellors

Hi Sam, I was just wondering how likely is it that someone will talk to the same counsellor twice if they go to chat ...

Childline and my mum and dad

Hello Sam, I got in touch recently because of my anxiety. I don't want my parents to find out I get in touch because ...

Childline in school

Can i call childline when i am in school? Because i feel like if i did i might just be told to go to a teacher instead.


Hey so recently i have been speaking to a childline councellor but im really really scared im having nightmare...

How to call Childline

Hi Sam. For a lot of people, calling Childline is a very difficult task but the main part is not knowing how to start...

I Have Loads Of Problems!

Hi Sam, i have so many problems to with my life that i know i cant talk about it all in one chat. But does it matter ...

Safety on childline

Hi Sam, I was just wondering when we do a 1-2-1 chat, how do we know the person on the other side of the line is safe?

social workers

Explain what a social care worker must do if they think an individual is in danger or harm or abuse?

Should I contact childline?

Hey childline, I am writing this letter as I really want to contact childline about something but Im scared you might...

Hiding visit to ChildLine

Hi Sam, I like to look on child line because it makes me feel comfortable. Though recently it has appeared on my fa...

Do parents need to know?

I am wanting to make an account but I was wondering if I need to tell my parents that I use ChildLine. I would prefer...


Can we tell you about anything that we are proud of or do we only tell you about things that we need help with??

How do you start a letter?

HEY!!!!On 1-2-1 chat they always suggest that you write a letter to the person you would like to tell about how you a...