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I still don't know what to do.

I'm 15 and in my final year of school, I'm taking my GCSE's at the end of the year and maybe will scrape a C's. I have to apply to six form or apply for colleges but there's one problem, I don't know what I want to do! I probably won't be able to get into sixth form but I'm trying to achieve the GCSE's I need to get in (6 C's or higher). If I don't get into sixth form I was thinking to apply to a few colleges but I don't what to do at the colleges... I was thinking of being a joiner or electrician but haven't seen any courses for these in the local colleges. I Really don't know what to do! Help
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Hi there,

Making decisions about the future can be scary. While some people have a clear idea of what they want to do, many people don’t.

If you’re not sure what you would like to do, try not to panic. Remember that it’s okay to change your mind and try out different ideas while you explore your options.

It sounds like you don’t know what you’d like to do and you’re not really sure what options are available to you. Start by making lists of the things you enjoy and are good at, as well as the type of work you think you’d like to do in the future. We have more information about work and apprenticeships on our jobs page. You could also find out more about your future and get help with how to go about making decisions.

You can find out how and where to train as a joiner or electrician (or any other job) by speaking to a careers advisor or doing online research at the National Careers Service. You can apply to colleges now and then make a final decision once you know your exam results.

Talking about your situation with an adult you trust, such as a teacher, can really help. Chat to your friends, or take a look at our message boards to find out what other young people have to say. You can also talk to a Childline counsellor any time.

Take care,

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