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How do u cope

my mum is horrible and never loved me etc and now i don't know how to cope i get so attached to any adult figure that i see and think are nice and its so bad i crave such love and to have likr a mother figure in my life but like its never gonna happen and most the time it is just random people that look nice

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Hi there,

It’s natural to want to feel loved by your Mum and for her to be really nice to you. Parents are meant to be there to love you and take care of you, but sometimes that doesn't happen. It can be really painful when a parent or carer is really horrible to you instead. It can leave you desperately wanting to feel that love so you become attached to other adults who are kind to you.

What your Mum is doing sounds like emotional abuse, this is when someone is deliberately horrible to you, and this isn't ok. It can be really upsetting to live with someone who is treating you like this. Especially someone who is meant to love and care for you. These feelings can be difficult to cope with but talking about them can really help. The Childline counsellors are always there to listen and support you and you can also talk to other young people on the Childline message boards who may have been through something similar.

When someone you live with is horrible to you it can really affect your confidence and self-esteem. It’s really important to remember that what’s happening is not your fault. It’s good to remember all the great things about you and the building confidence page can also really help.

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