Childline at night

Between midnight and 7:30am Childline works slightly differently. We have fewer counsellors during the night so it might take a long time to get through.

In an emergency you should phone 999.

When you get through

When you get through to a counsellor, you might be asked a few questions about your safety like where you are and if you feel someone might harm you, or if you might harm yourself.

Contacting Childline update:

We’re making some technical updates to improve Childline. This means that at times you may have to wait longer than usual to speak to a counsellor and it may take longer than usual to get a reply to your email.  

If you've already sent us an email we will respond to you as soon as we can. While you’re waiting you can still talk to a counsellor on the phone, use other parts of the website and get support from the message boards or Ask Sam. In an emergency you should always call 999.

Wait time:

It can take a very long time to get through to a counsellor at night. If you need help right now, enter the waiting room and we will be with you as soon as possible. 

Enter waiting room

Things you can do now:

If you can, try to contact us after 7.30am when we have more counsellors. They will be able to spend more time helping you. 

You can try: