Art box

This is your space for writing or drawing about your feelings. Or anything you want. Creativity can help you calm down or make sense of things. It doesn’t matter how good you are at art. Anyone can use the Art box to express themselves!

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      What you can do with your art: 

      • Share it: post your image or poem on the message boards so other people can see it and post comments.
      • Delete it: it can feel really good to make something then destroy it, especially if you’re feeling angry.
      • Save it privately: if you save it in your locker, only you'll be able to see it. 
      • Show it to a counsellor: showing your drawing in a 1-2-1 counsellor chat can help express your feelings.

      How to use

      Edit Change the colour you're using. Use ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’ to move different layers (like an image or a word) to the front or back of your image.

      Draw Draw using a line or circle and decide how thick the line is.

      Shapes Add shapes to your drawing. Select a colour and whether you want the shape to be solid, or have an outline.

      Text Add words to your image. You can write your own text or choose from a list of words.

      Pictures Choose a background or an image to go in your drawing.

      Happy with your creation? ‘Save’ it to your locker. You can submit it to the public gallery if you want to share it. 

      See what others have shared to the public gallery.

      staying safe

      Anything you save to your locker is confidential between you and Childline. 

      If you have anything in your locker that makes us worried about you or someone else’s safety, we'll send you a message asking you to think about talking to a Childline counsellor.

      In some cases we may need to find ways to get help to you. This is only if we’re very worried about your safety.

      Want to share your image?

      We have a few house rules with the Art box. These are there to make sure the website stays a friendly and safe place where young people can get support.

      Want to share your image? Please follow these rules:

      • don’t include any personal info about yourself or somebody you know like surnames, school names, numbers, email addresses or links to social networking profiles
      • don’t include really detailed drawings of ways to self-harm, how to hide self-harm or ways to end your life (it’s okay to show ways of coping with suicidal feelings or self-harm)
      • don’t create an image that supports harmful ways of coping with something
      • don’t talk about specific locations – you can share info like a large city or county, but specific locations like a small town or the name of your local park could be unsafe
      • don’t post details of an event you're attending like a university open day, music festival or court case or discuss meeting up
      • don’t post any remarks that discriminate against people, for example, sexist, transphobic, racist or homophobic
      • don’t post sexually explicit language and descriptions of sexual acts.