We're not talking about your favourites from the biscuit tin!

We mean cookies which are a small file sent to your computer or mobile device. These tell us that you've used our website before. 

How we use cookies

Our site sends the cookie and uses the cookie number to recognise you when you return to Childline or go from page to page. Only the site that has sent a cookie can read it and use it. This cookie file is stored on your computer or phone. All websites can send a cookie to your browser (for example Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) if your browser allows it. Many websites do this to measure how popular their site is and how it's being used.

Cookies are either:

• session or temporary cookies: these stop when you close your browser or when you’ve been on the site for a long time without doing anything

• persistent or permanent cookies: these are usually stored on your device and last for a set length of time.

When you visit our site the pages that you see are downloaded to your device. At the same time a cookie is downloaded. This happens on most websites because it lets the site know if you have visited before.

A cookie usually has:

  • The name of the server. This is the place where our website lives. This name will be given to cookie.
  • How long the cookie will last for.
  • An ID (usually a number).

Types of cookies we use

Find out about the types of cookies we use on the Childline site and what these do.

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