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I said something racist

I called someone the N-word as a joke and now I'm in serious trouble I don't know what to do because I'm not a racist

Privacy in care

Hey Sam, I'm a 17 year-old girl and I live in a children's home. Like most teens I have a lot of sexual thoughts and ...

Emotionally abused by my mum

hi Sam, i was emotionally abused by my mum for years, it left me with no confidence,no self-esteem and no self-image,...


my mum always pulls my hair and shakes me and trys to throw me down the stairs

Deafness & Abuse

Hiya Sam, I'm 12 years old and i am Deaf. I lost my hearing completely when i was 7 years old. Although it was a big ...

Message from Sam

Friends are important and should be there for us when we need them. Sometimes our friends can let us down or not act the way they should. I know some people struggle knowing how to make friends as well. I'd be happy to give advice about all kinds of friendship problems in the next couple of weeks.

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Privacy in care

Hey Sam, I'm a 17 year-old girl and I live in a children's home. Like most teens I have a lot of sexual thoughts and ...

Pressure to get an abortion

hey, so basically i am 15 and im pregnant, 2-3 weeks and basically my boyfriend really doesnt want this baby at all. ...

Food makes me feel sick :(

Hello Sam. I cannot eat in school without feeling sick, and I cannot watch people eat food disgustingly. My worst fea...

I am bullied because I am fat

There is this boy in my school that bullies me because i am over weight. I am used to it but, i can not sleep at nigh...


Is masturbating bad because i feel like im the olny person who does it. Also is it the same feeling you get when you ...

My hands.

Dear Sam, I have dermatophagia, which includes me chewing, eating, peeling, and picking the skin all over my hands an...

The contraceptive implant

Hi Sam, Im 14 years old and I do want to get the contraceptive implant. I have read through and thought through all t...

Late puberty

Dear Sam, I am 12 years old and i have not hit puberty i have no breasts and it is really starting to worry me. All o...


Hi Sam, I'm a girl and around when I was seven I started masturbating but I didn't know what I was doing. now I do it...

Going to sleep

I can not get to slep i am always on my tabat at night or on the websit i dont know i cant get to slep pleys can you ...

i cannot get to sleep help me

please help me I lay there any my covetable warm bed its begging to be every night. sometimes I end up in my parents ...


Hiya Sam, I am 15 years old and 5 months ago I had a miscarriage my mum and family and friends thinks it hasn't affec...

Mentle health issue

Hi Sam I have recently found out that I am suffering from anxiety. And I have been having extremely bad panic attacks.

Hair loss?!

Hi Sam, im a 15 year old girl and one day at school I noticed an abnormal amount of hair strands on my lap! Obviously...

Age of consent

Hi i just want to know if it is legal for man who is over 30 years old to have a sexual relationship with a 16 year o...


I think I'm pregant, I've never had sex and ive never been round a boy in a sexual way. I've not started my period.

Sending nudes

Dear Sam. It has been a while since I have sent a nude, but I am still annoyed with what I have done towards my futur...