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The summer holidays are here, but not everyone enjoys this time of year. So if there’s anything bothering you this summer, why not write me a letter?

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Hiding visit to ChildLine

Hi Sam, I like to look on child line because it makes me feel comfortable. Though recently it has appeared on my fa...

Do parents need to know?

I am wanting to make an account but I was wondering if I need to tell my parents that I use ChildLine. I would prefer...


Can we tell you about anything that we are proud of or do we only tell you about things that we need help with??

How do you start a letter?

HEY!!!!On 1-2-1 chat they always suggest that you write a letter to the person you would like to tell about how you a...


I am writing to you because I'm worried about childline knowing where I am. I know there are lots of different device...

I dont know if i should

I want to talk to childline about something but I dont know if i shoulds call them or not. I want to call them but i ...

Turning 20.

I have used your service a lot over the years and it has been a great support to me. I am going through a particularl...

Male users

I was wondering how many boys talk to childline about anxiety or depression. I know lots of girls who are outspoken a...

Calling childline

i have a few issues that I really want to talk to someone about and as I feel lonely, I thought childline would be a ...


The person I was talking to asked me when was the last time I cut myself and I was honest and said just now. But then...


I have some problems going on but I dont know whether I should talk to child line or not because I don't want any oth...


Right when u are on childline once you've came off it go's onto your computer history and cookies then my parents wil...


I am really upset about christmas this year becaus my nana died 3 years ago on christmas eve and i get really upset t...


the website doesnt help me


I'm really nervous about talking to people about my problems. It sounds quite dramatic, but I feel like I have so muc...


This will sound stupid, but ive tried a number of times to phone childline to talk to a councillor but every time I h...


Hello I've been reading the book about Childline and thought i'd write in. I'm just wondering as the book is mainly a...