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latest letters

Gap year / university

hi there, ​ nothing big but i was wondering what happens once im 18 with decision making. i want to go on a gap year ...

I hate my ethnicity

I know what your thinking. That i should love myself and my skin tone. But i am Caucasian. So you are now thinking i ...

Exams and OCD

Hi, Over the last year my OCD has gotten really out of hand. I’m on the road to treatment as I went to my GP and am o...

Failing GCSE

hi sam what happens if you cant pass ypur gcse more than 4 times what happens

Message from Sam

Self-harm is something I get a lot of letters about. Some people do it to cope, others might feel addicted to it. If anyone has questions about self-harm, or supporting someone else who is self-harming, then I'd be interested in hearing about it over the next couple of weeks.

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Friendships and depression

Hey whoever's reading this, I don't normally do things like this and i feel like i shouldn't be wasting peoples time ...

Condoms for 13 year olds

Hi Sam, Ok so basically i am 14 and my girlfriend is also 14...we both want to have sex and i know its technically il...

My Manipulative Best Friend

Hey Sam, I have a 'best friend' at school who is quite manipulative. I met her a year and a bit ago, in my previous s...

I don't love my boyfriend

Hi Sam, Recently I got myself into a relationship with this amazing boy, we've only been together a week but have bee...

Sexual abuse online

When i was 9 someone sent me drawn porn and then forced me to write sexual things in return. does this count as sexua...

Removing photos online

I was on a random chat site and the person told me to do inappropriate things on camera, then they screenshotted me...

Internet friends

hi there recently ive started talking to someoene online and they are my age and we really want to meet up somewhere ...

The law

Hello Sam, just a quick question is it against the law to get fingered at the age of 13 this happened to me and i did...

My deaf friend

Hi sam, I have a deaf friend. She wasn't always deaf because she was my best friend ever since I was little but after...

Bed wetting

Dear Sam, i am 13 years old and have been a bed wetter since I was 8. The doctors have found nothing wrong with me af...

My friend needs a Saviour

My friend has been cutting for a while. I have no clue what to do. I’ve given her everything I could. I feel useless.


So i had this boy message me on social media, later he started to send me naked videos of him self.

Boyfriend asks for nudes

Hi Sam, my boyfriend keeps asking if I want to have sex or send him nudes and it makes me feel uncomfortable...