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My embarrassing day

ye me and my 2 friends went to my crush and I told him J liked him tben ran away I cane back and my friend told me he said nah she js ugly he called me ugly and I was really upset

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Hi there,

It can feel scary to tell your crush how you feel about them. It takes courage to do that because you don’t know how they’re going to react. When you're really honest like that it can make you vulnerable because sometimes people can be unkind in return.

Sometimes one mean comment can make us feel really bad about ourselves especially if it’s from someone we really like. This one comment can sometimes leave a person feeling unconfident and forget all the nice things people say about them. It’s important to remember just because one person says something mean about you it doesn’t mean that it’s true and that everybody else thinks that. Sometimes people also say nasty things that they don’t really mean, and they regret saying them. Sometimes this can happen because in that moment that person was upset or thinking about something else.

When confidence has been knocked it can sometimes be hard to build up again. A good place to get help is building confidence and how you look pages on the Childline site.  They have advice that can help and the Tower of Confidence game can be a fun way of remembering all the good things about yourself. It can also help to talk about your feelings with someone and the Childline counsellors are always there to support you, or you can talk to other young people on the Childline message boards. Everybody deserves to feel good about themselves.

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