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17 and getting kicked out

I live with my mum and dad but there getting fed up of everything I do and they asked me to find my own place ?who should I tell ?or who could help me

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Hi there,

Sometimes things at home can get so bad for someone that they feel like they need to leave, but moving out of a family home can be really hard. You need to think about how you'd be able to support yourself. This could include things like paying rent, buying food and paying for energy bills. It's really important to think carefully about all of your options first.

Lots of young people have different kinds of problems at home that make it feel hard for them to live there. Sometimes it's possible to improve relationships with the people we live with and find compromises. Talking to your parents about this would be a good step but it might be that there's another adult you trust, like a wider family member or teacher at school, who can also offer you advice.

If it's not possible for you remain at home, you can get specialist advice and information about housing options from Shelter, such as how to get emergency accommodation and how to get help from your local council.

Another option is to contact an organisation like Foyer who help young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. You can search for your local Foyer and then contact them to find out how you can get help.

But if you’re kicked out and have nowhere safe to stay, you can call 999. Because of your age the police have a duty to keep you safe.

Remember, no matter what's happening at home our counsellors are always here to listen and help you to think through your options.

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