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Afraid and scared of war

hi sam, im really scared of war. all i see nowadays is headlines about the rising world tensions and it feels like i ...

Feeling left out

I have low confidence and my friends are outgoing people. Sometimes I feel left out because they are all laughing and...

Discrimination in Sports

To Sam At school, i came out as gay and now when we play football or anything that involves people picking teams, i a...

Grieving a terminal illness

Hey Sam I've got something I'd like to know ? Well my mum has cancer and it's not curable my mum hasn't passed away y...

Message from Sam

There can be a lot of pressure to fit in around friends – pressure to do certain things or be a certain way. I'd be interested in hearing about problems you're having with peer pressure from friends in the next couple of weeks.

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Gap year / university

hi there, ​ nothing big but i was wondering what happens once im 18 with decision making. i want to go on a gap year ...

Exams and OCD

Hi, Over the last year my OCD has gotten really out of hand. I’m on the road to treatment as I went to my GP and am o...

Failing GCSE

hi sam what happens if you cant pass ypur gcse more than 4 times what happens

I said something racist

I called someone the N-word as a joke and now I'm in serious trouble I don't know what to do because I'm not a racist

got rejected

I went to an interview for an apprenticeship and i found out that they rejected me. What if i can never be good enoug...

Pressure about doing piano

Hi Sam i have been doing piano for a couple of years now but I am really bord of it and music isn't really my passion...

New job and self harm scars

I recently got a new job, I’m meant to be starting on Sunday, they gave me the uniform and it’s a short sleeved top, ...


In a lot of confidentiality policies, ie school and doctors, it says that they don't have to tell anyone unless they ...


hi sam! i am in really big trouble at school. i wrote something really bad about a teacher on a piece of paper and so...

Secondary School!

Hi Sam! I need some help. Today I am feeling worried about moving up to S1. I am going into the first year of seconda...

Leaving my favourite teacher.

Hello, I have just finished Year 11 and I am going on to Sixth Form in September, Ive been at my Secondary school for...

My future

i left college (to the disappment of my parents) but it's hard when you want a good job but have no degree...

The GCSE exams

Dear Sam, People say that year eleven is the best year in secondary school but for me, it has been one of my worst in...

School situation

Dear Sam , During school I took someones money and got caught. I wanted to ask if it would ruin my education because ...