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Hello sam i am an 11 year old boy turning 12 in a few weeks and i have recently started masturbating and i was wondering if that was normal,for,people my as i was thinking i am quite young. if you could tell me if it was normal thank you sam bye ​

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Hi there,

It’s natural to be curious and want to touch your own body and it’s totally ok to masturbate. Masturbating is when you get pleasure and nice feelings when you touch your body and genitals. It’s between you and your body and can be personal to you.

As we start puberty, we can begin to have sexual thoughts or interests. This can happen at different times for everyone, it’s part of the many things that make us so special. Wanting to explore your own body, can begin at any age.  Everyone is different and enjoy different things and that’s the same with masturbation too. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe when you do it.

The Childline counsellors are here to talk to you, if you want some advice. You can call our freephone number 0800 1111 or if it feels easier, you can have a 1-2-1 chat or send us an email.

The Childline message boards is a great place to talk to other young people and is always full of helpful conversations around all sorts of things including this.

Take care


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