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My friend recorded me

my friend recorded me while i was high on 2 different occasions. the firt time i got too high and i ate alot before so i ended up throwing up and instead of helping me (give me water hold my hair) she ran to get her phone, recorded me and made fun in her language then send it to her friends. i asked her the next day if she recorded any videos of me and she said NO. I started actimg cold to her coz i felt mad and betrayed but i slowly conviced myself that i was exaggerating and she is my best friend. Few weks ago we got high together again and she did it again except this time she called her friends then connected their phones to mine through bluetooth or something and started messing with it to get to me and she laughed and texted and recorded all night long and whe i asked her she said she didnt record she was "too high" to even move. What should i do?

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Hi there,

It's important that we trust the people around us - especially people who say they’re our friends. When we make ourselves vulnerable, they’re supposed to be the people we can rely on to keep us safe and not take advantage. If someone has done that to you then it would be okay to question why and how you feel about being around them in the future.

Cameras are everywhere because most phones have some kind of camera. It's so easy to record and share videos that you're probably the first generation that has to really think about whether what you say and do will be seen by others. Photos and videos that are taken now might still be around when you become an adult.

So the first step is always being aware of who you’re with and what might be being recorded. If you don't fully trust the people you're with, be careful about what you say and do around them. Be aware that some people might even try and record you without you knowing, but most people won’t.

Because someone has already recorded you it's going to be difficult to get those videos deleted unless that person wants to. If they’ve shared it with others then it’s probably going to be impossible to know all copies are deleted. At this point it's more about how much do you trust this person after they've done this. You might not be able to do anything about the videos already recorded but you can make sure nothing like that happens again.

It would be a good idea to tell them how you feel and explain that you don't want anything like that to happen again. She has already tried to do it a second time after lying to you about it, so you'll probably also need to be careful about what you do with her. If you assume that she’s going to record things then you can make sure you don't do anything you wouldn't want posted online.

We also have advice and support about bullying if a friend is making fun of you. It’s not okay that your friend is sharing videos of you behind your back. This is bullying and no matter whether someone is a friend or not, bullying isn’t okay.

I hope that this has helped and it sounds like you might need to talk more about how you feel and your friendship with this person. Childline counsellors are there to listen if you need them.

Thanks for writing to me,

Take care.


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