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  • Sam reads every letter, but can only respond to a few each week
  • Sam's replies are public, never private, so others can read them
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  • if you need support now or want to talk privately, contact a Childline counsellor.

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Forced ramadan

Hi Sam,I am really worried about ramadan. It’s not my choice,I am forced to do this.Even money wont motivate me.I hav...

Fear of getting a taxi to school

I’ve never taken a taxi on my own and now I’m supposed to. I’ve missed 3 days of school cause my anxiety wouldn’t let...


Hi Sam, I need some help. It doesnt necessarily apply at the moment, but lately I have been really depressed. I'm a d...

Who do I talk to

Hi Sam. Lately I’ve been feeling like nobody likes me and I don’t have anyone I feel I can talk to. I don’t want to t...

Message from Sam

You can write to me about anything you want and I read every single message sent. I can only reply to a few each week and I always do this in public on my page. I’m sorry if I don’t answer your letter but it’s likely there are others just like it that I have answered before. If you want a definite response or need support then talking to a Childline counsellor is the best way to do that.

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he has a girlfriend

i am in love with a band member from black veil brides, a famous rock band, but he has a girlfriend and it kills me t...

I don't exist to him.

I'm 13 years old and I'm starting year nine in September. I get around okay at school, I have a decent number of frie...

Not knowing what to do

Recently my school went on a 4 day trip with lots of activities like rock climbing , abseiling,raft building and othe...

Seeing no future.

i have been with my online boyfriend for just over a year, we live around 3000 miles apart as hes from brooklyn ny an...

my secret

i really like this boy and we are great friends but the problem is i dont really know what to do about it . no one kn...


I'm a 14 year old boy and there's a girl I have a crush on at school. I find it awkward asking her out and have tried...


Hi Im 11 And My Names S,Everyone Has Crushes At School Its Just I Dont Find Boys Interesting One BIT! I Mean Is It Ri...

in love with a girl

hi sam well, i'm a girl and i'm i love with a girl, i was really scared and still am but not as much but anyway a co...