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Sex at 14

i have had a lot of sex ever since me and my girlfriend had gotten together when we were 12 and we started having oral sex at a really young age and we've had penetrative sex multiple amount of times, but now my girlfriend is telling me that we don't need protection, as it "hinders" the way sex feels. I want to keep using protection, but i don't want to keep using condoms. What should I do?

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Hi there,

It’s always good to have open conversations about sex and contraception. If condoms are something you and your partner would rather not use, it would be good to look at other forms of protection. However, condoms are the only protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Other contraception methods only protect against pregnancy.

You can look up sexual health clinics in your area and get more information on the Brook website. You can also ask for an appointment with your GP or the practice nurse. At both places, you’re likely to be able to be seen without your parents’ permission. However, if that’s something that worries you, you could always call them before to check if parental permission is needed.

It’s important nobody is pressured into doing anything they aren’t comfortable with. Apart from barrier methods like condoms, other contraception methods are things females would need to take or arrange. 2 examples of non-barrier methods are the contraceptive pill and the implant. The pill would need to be taken daily while the implant would last longer.

Although you could support your girlfriend in doing this, it’s ultimately her choice, as well as medical professionals’, which one is best for her. It’s then both your choices whether you feel comfortable and safe enough to have unprotected sex.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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