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I'm being bullied

I am currently 11 years old and im being bullied by a girl and it started hen I dated her friend . When I was dating her friend the bully slapped me then the bully told me that my girlfriend would dump me so I asked my girlfriend so now the bully keeps swearing at me and annoying me , now her friend is getting involved at threatning to beat me up. Now I would like to switch classes because we are in the same class and one of the bullies sit next to me . I would like to tell my head of year that I am being bullied but because the bully has already made the whole school hate me im very scared to tell sir that im being bullied please help me .

p.s I am a type one diabetic so because I am scared of the bullies I make my blood go really low so I don't have to go school.

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Hi there,

It’s not ok for anyone to bully you and make you feel like you don’t want to go to school. And it is not your fault if that happens. Your school have a responsibility to protect you from being bullied, there are lots of things they can do to help you but they will need to know about it first.

Telling someone at school about being bullied can feel really scary. You might worry about what the bullies will do or how other people might react to your telling. It is really important to tell someone when you feel ready, so they can do something to make the bullying stop.

Keeping a bullying diary can be a helpful way to keep a record of what’s been happening, and how it makes you feel. That way you would have something to show to someone at school when you feel ready to tell. It can be a good way of recovering from the bullying too.

I’m not medically trained but I do understand that living with a condition like type 1 diabetes can be difficult sometimes. Taking care of yourself and doing what you can to keep your blood levels even can feel like a lot of responsibility but it’s an extremely important part of keeping yourself safe and healthy.

If something in your life is making it feel difficult to do that, it might be important to tell someone so they can support you. Diabetes UK has lots of information and advice that you might find useful.

It’s not ok for anyone to get involved in your relationship with someone else. Sometimes friends can be affected when someone they care about starts a new relationship. But it could be important to try and work together to find a way to change things.

It's not your responsibility to try and make your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends like you. It could be worth talking this through with your partner to see what ideas you can find together. Remember, you can always talk to a counsellor who's here to help.

Take care,

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