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i want to die. they won't stop! :'(


I don't really know where to start. I'm so sick of being picked on. I cry myself to sleep every night and I cry every morning because I wish I wouldn't woke up.  I can't deal with it anymore

I cut to help, buts it's worse and it scares me now. Yet I can't stop. I just want to die. I don't understand why people hate me so much. They tell me :

To kill myself

That  no-one wants me alive

I have  no reason to be here.


I can't keep doing it. If they're not starting at school they're messaging me. I reported it to the school but nothing was done about it. I guess I deserve it. Please tell me what to because I've reached the limit. I'm one step away from not being here anymore. I just can't keep doing this...


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Hi there,

I’m really glad you were able to contact me and tell me about the bullying you are going through. I can see things are really difficult for you at the moment. The things that people are saying to you are very cruel. No one has the right to talk to you like this.

Bullying is wrong and your school should take it very seriously when they find out that someone is being bullied. I’m so disappointed to hear that they didn’t do anything when you reported the bullying. It shows great bravery that you were able to tell them in the first place.

I wonder if your school knows just how bad the bullying has become, or how miserable it is making you feel? You did the right thing in speaking out about what is happening. Unfortunately sometimes you need to tell someone several times before bullying is finally sorted out. It can help to keep a written record of all the bullying, as that can really help to get the school to do something about it. You said that the bullies are messaging you too. Although that’s a horrible thing to have to go through, it gives you very solid evidence of what’s been happening, so you could think about showing those messages to someone at school or at home.

You say you cut yourself and it sounds like that started off as a way of coping, but from what you’ve said, it seems like you feel you’re losing control of it. It’s really important to me that you keep yourself safe. The NHS has advice on its website on how to stop bleeding and care for cuts. If you ever need help with an injury you should tell a trusted adult or call 111 and ask for some advice. Perhaps next time you feel like cutting yourself, you could try calling ChildLine first? Sometimes being able to wait for a few moments before you self harm can help you feel more in control of the urge.

I am concerned to hear you say that you are one step away from not being here anymore. It sounds like everything feels completely overwhelming at the moment, but I really feel that will change for you. I don’t believe that suicide is the answer. You might find it useful to read the page on coping with suicidal feelings in the Explore section.

I’d also really encourage you to talk to a ChildLine counsellor on 0800 1111 or through 1-2-1 chat online. Talking about your feelings can really help to get things out into the open. The things you tell ChildLine are confidential and together, you can work out the best way of making the bullying stop and getting the help and support you need. Remember, you are not alone and things can get better.

Take good care,


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