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Racism towards Asians

Hello :)

i have experience racism a lot in England. i have visit Chinese shop and people have cal me “ling ling” “coronavirus” “dog eater”.

why people do this? why have i done wrong to them?

i do not understand the racism towards any one.

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Hi there,

Being treated differently, being called names or being hurt because of your race are types of discrimination and racism. You might feel frightened or upset when someone is making racist comments towards you and its natural to feel confused or angry when you’re treated badly.

During the Covid pandemic there has been a rise in anti - Asian bullying – and you might feel targeted because of coronavirus. You might want to understand why it’s happening to you but whatever reason someone might give for bullying it’s always wrong. It's illegal to treat someone unfairly because of their race – so bullying that focuses on your race (racial bullying) can be considered a hate crime.

It might help to tell an adult you trust what’s happening – we have advice about how to start a conversation with someone about something difficult. Childline counsellors are always here to support you – and they can help you decide who to speak to and practice what to say. You can also talk to a teacher if racial bullying happens at school – they should listen to you and support you.

If you ever feel in danger or threatened, call 999. Your safety is important and comes first. You can also talk to the police by calling 101 or report online if you’re safe now but a crime has been committed. A crime means something that breaks the law and can include things like hate crime (a crime that includes prejudice or discrimination), having your belongings stolen or damaged, being abused, harassed or physically hurt.

I’m glad that you’ve written to me about this. I want you to know that you have done nothing wrong, you’re not responsible for what has happened and you deserve to be treated with respect. There is never an excuse for racism.

You’re not alone. We’re here to help you – and you can reach out to other young people on Childline’s message boards for support and advice.

Take care,


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