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Hi Sam, In October 2020.. so quite a while ago, I reported that I had been sexually abused/ molested frequently in a space of time when I was younger This got handed over to the police, and left me to decide if I wanted to proceed to court I said no because I was so weak mentally and emotionally then, so I wouldn't be able to handle it But we haven't heard anything from the police since and so my case is still open Because of this school is saying I'm not allowed councelling or proper help I don't really understand why because surely I have the right to get help, especially as I was so mentally ill over the past couple of years trying to cope with my past I'm doing better now but I still want to know clearly why I cant get help

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Hi there,

While a case is open and there’s a possibility you’d still want to proceed to court, support through a therapist or counsellor can be delayed until after a trial. This is because it’s thought that treatment can affect evidence by impacting a victim’s recollection, or the accuracy of what happened. However, you’re still entitled to support.

People are often asked not to discuss a case in detail with anyone before court which can also make therapy difficult. Anyone is entitled to and deserves support, though, and that shouldn’t stop you from having it.

There’s support called pre-trial therapy which is there to support survivors like yourself without hindering any court proceedings. Your school may not have access to this, but the police should be able to put you in touch with the right people if you contact them.

You can also seek support from specialists like Rape Crisis. They support people who have experienced any type of sexual abuse and can offer counselling. Childline is also here for you too if you want to talk.

Reaching out and reporting what happened is very brave and you should be supported. You’re very welcome to contact us if you’d like to discuss this further.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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