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Pressured into sending naked photo

Hi, I got pressured into sending a naked photo and now this guy that idk is thretening to post them if i dont send more, what do i do thanks

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Hi there,

When you choose to send nudes to someone, this is often called "sexting". Being pressured or forced into sending nudes is different and that's called sexual exploitation. What's happening is not ok and it’s not your fault.  Nobody has the right to do this to you, but there are ways to make him stop.

When someone chooses to send nudes because they want to - either because they're in a relationship or because they are exploring their sexuality - then this is their personal choice to make. The law around sexting can be confusing. It's illegal for you to send sexual pictures or videos of yourself if you're under 18 but it's very unlikely the police will want you to be in any trouble for doing it. Sexting is risky and isn't something that should be done unless you're really sure the person you send your pictures to is trustworthy. Once you send those images, they are out of your control and they might be used against you.

By threatening and forcing you to send more nudes, this person is breaking the law. Sexual exploitation is a very serious crime and the police would be very interested in stopping him from abusing you any further. Both Childline and the police are on your side and want what's best for you. The best way to make this stop is to tell someone what is happening, so that they can help you talk to the police.

Talking about this with someone else is difficult and might take some practice. When you want to say something but it's hard to know what words to use, it can help to write down your thoughts first. It can also help if you practice it first - our counsellors can help you to prepare for talking to someone like the police or a parent/carer.

If you choose not to tell anyone about this then it's important not to send any more pictures to him. Blocking his number is a way to make sure he can't contact you and make any more threats. One thing you do need to think about though is whether you'll be in fear of him posting your pictures anywhere and what this would be like for you. Whatever you choose to do, Childline is here for you. I'm glad that you wrote this letter to me and if you need more support  our counsellors are there to listen and won't judge you.

Take care.


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