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Panicking about sixth form

Dear Sam,
In september im meant to be starting a brand new school for sixth form, i went to the taster day this week and i hated it   i was one out of three new people who went to the taster day but the other two girls might not even be coming in september! i just wanted to cry the whole day and just go home.
i really want to stay at my old school for sixth form because all my friends are staying there and i love the school, the teachers are amazing and i know the school however the only problem is i dont have a great option of A Levels and in this new school they offer an A level that i really like but my old school doesnt offer it.
this is all stressing me out and im having major anxity about this all!! i just dont know what do to. please please help me.
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Hi there

Moving schools can be very hard – it's a time of change and the unknown and it can be really difficult to manage. Having a taster day is just a snapshot of what it may be like and it sounds like it didn’t go well for you. Making new friends can be exciting but also very daunting too.

Attending the same school for a number of years is comfortable and safe for some people. And having to give up that place and do something that feels uncomfortable and stressful will provoke anxiety in us. It can be overwhelming to consider changing even if the change will offer something we want. 

Talking about how you feel is really important. It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety and are upset by the choice you have to make. Telling a teacher how upset you are and what is going on for you will give you the opportunity to express yourself. 

Teachers are aware of the impact changing schools can have on students and they will be best placed to help you work it through. Think about talking to one that you are particularly close to and who will sympathise with your concerns. You have every right to talk it through and it’s ok to feel like this.

Perhaps you could write two lists, reasons for and against moving to the school and go through the list with your teacher. It will make sure you cover everything and maybe relieve your anxiety a little. Anxiety can feel scary at times and it’s important to let someone know how this decision is affecting you.

Remember, you can always talk to someone at ChildLine about what is going on at any time of day or night.

Take care,

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