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Hi everyone talks of sex and I being curios looked online and found videos and even though I know it is wrong I watched them and have been doing regularly as everyone talks of them at school. At a recent assembly the police came in and discussed Internet safety. I have stopped watching these videos but am really paranoid that the police are going to turn up and arrest my parents or take my laptop, I can't sleep because of it and it is constantly on my mind please help!
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing to me and expressing just how worried you’re feeling. It sounds like this was a big and brave step for you.

It’s natural for young people to be curious about sex and it often gets talked about a lot at school. Sometimes when our peers are talking about sex, it can leave us feeling like we don’t know as much as others.

I can hear that you looked on the internet to find out more about sex. Unfortunately not everything on the internet is safe or helpful. The reason it’s illegal for young people to look at any sex videos is to protect them from being upset, scared or damaged by them. It is easy to get dangerous or wrong information from the internet.

It’s good to hear that you’ve stopped watching these videos, because your safety and happiness is really important. You say you know it was wrong to look at them. It sounds like your curiosity and the peer pressure you felt from your friends was really strong. We all make mistakes sometimes and I’d encourage you not to be so hard on yourself. The important thing is to learn from this experience and keep yourself safe when wanting to learn more about things like sex in the future.

I can hear you’ve been scared since the police visited you at school. It sounds like they gave you lots to think around internet safety. I don’t know for sure if they’ll want to talk to you about what you were watching online. From what you have told me, you were not trying to do anything wrong. It sounds like you were just wanting to know more about sex after hearing your peers talking about it, and since hearing from the police you have stopped. Perhaps if you could explain this to somebody you trust, like a family member they could support you further and offer you the reassurance you need.

A safer way of finding out about sex could be through a website that is aimed at young people such as the ChildLine Explore pages, or Brook. There might be books in your school library that you could look at too. You could also try talking to an adult you trust or talking to a teacher about the pressure you feel when everybody is talking about sex. You might also like to look at thinkuknow for helpful information about staying safe online.

You’ve been really open and honest with me in your email and this is something you can feel proud of. If you would like to talk in more detail, there is always a ChildLine counsellor who will listen and support you.

Take care and stay safe


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