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i dont know if someone is going yo read this probably not i get everyone has there own problems in life and for someone to listen and read other peoples problems daily must be tough i dont even know how to put how i feel into words because everytine i try speak to someone i feel awkward and like im saying someting i shouldnt be saying. i alwyas feel nobody really cares because they might be going home to an even tougher time than i am. i feel alone and depressed and sad all the time. i havent felt my self for w couple of years since my sister passed away. i feel like everyone in my family has someone to rely on. they have someone who they can communicate on a different level coz there all the relationships. for example my brother. hes had a girlfriend since we lost my sister so he’ll never of felt alone because he alwyas has someone there if u get what i mean.i know its bad to asume hes never felt alone but yeah.

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Hi there,

Everything you want to talk about is important and that’s because you matter. It’s ok to not know what to say or how to put your feelings into words and it can feel lonely when it looks like other people have someone to support them.  Things can feel harder when we are trying to cope with something so difficult like when someone dies. Be kind to yourself and take gentle steps forward.

When you want to talk to someone, think about a trusted person you feel comfortable talking to. It can help to write some thoughts down or think about what you would like to happen or what support would help you. Sometimes it’s just a listening ear and for your voice to be heard. Other times you may want advice or guidance with how you are feeling or with what is happening in your life.

Each and every young person that reaches out for help or support is important and we are always here for everyone. It can sometimes feel difficult to talk and that’s really ok and normal. There are Childline counsellors to listen and support you. They care about you and will go at your pace and never push you to say anything that you don’t want to. You can talk to us on a 1-2-1 chat, by email or by calling our freephone number on 0800 1111.

The Childline  message boards are full of young people talking to and supporting each other and are another safe place where you can talk. There are also mood journals in your Childline account that are just between you and Childline, they're a space you can express your thoughts and feelings openly.

Giving yourself time and space, will sometimes help free up your mind too and the coping kit on the Childline website is something you can use.

There can be other ways to express yourself and release emotions. Other young people have told me that drawing or writing can help or listening to music where you can connect with the lyrics. Think about spending time with people who make you feel a little better and try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Take care


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