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Hi, So i get bad homesickness and really miss my mum and dad and dog and 3 brothers. I'm 10 years old. On a Sunday when i go to school and things i really miss my mum and dad and others in the house. I get really sad and want to cry. I have a camp with the club that i do next month and i have to leave mum and dad and people and i will be homesick and might cry but i wont want to cry in front of all the people in my club. ​ Help! ​

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Hi there,

Being away from home can sometimes be hard, especially if it's the place where you feel the most safe and comfortable.

Some people can feel homesick which makes it difficult to enjoy things like holidays, camps and going to boarding school. Feeling homesick can have a big impact on your mental health as well as stopping you from getting the most out of new experiences. If you're feeling homesick there's a few things I can suggest that might help.

When you're away from home you're also away from all the things you find comforting. Things like your books, your room, your favourite foods and other general small things that are familiar to you. To help you feel better about being away from home you could bring a bit of it with you. Take something small that’s safe to take with you and you might find having a familiar object helps you feel less worried about being away.

One of things you might miss when you're homesick is family or the people you live with. You can't take those people with you but it doesn't mean you can’t stay in touch. If there's a way to call home and chat to your family or friends, it will help you feel as though you're still connected. If you don't have a way to talk to them, try taking photos with you to help you feel closer to them. You could also try some of these tips for making new friends, to help you feel less lonely while you’re away from home.

Finally you could also keep yourself busy. If you're away from home for a nice reason like a holiday, camp or school trip then this is supposed to be a fun experience. You're going to go back home again but this might be the only chance you have of experiencing the place you're in. Try to do as much as possible as this will help you make the most of your time and can also keep you distracted so you think less about home. If you need other ways to help distract yourself, you can also try some of the activities in the Coping Kit.

If you need someone to talk to and aren't able to contact home, you can talk with a Childline counsellor who are always here to listen. You can also try talking to other young people on the Childline message boards too.

I hope this has helped, thanks for writing. Take care.


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