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dear sam i have been diagnosed with dyslexia, but I am way better than all my friends at reading and writing so i don't quite understand how i can have dyslexia. i have re-taken my dyslexia tests but every time I have it and also i saw a professional in person who also said i had it. i really don't think or seem like im dyslexic, but if I do have it then i should get the management for it, but if i don't have it i don't want extra time on my GCSEs for no reason. I'd be grateful for any advice. thanks. -a child with problems

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Hi there,

Dyslexia is a type of learning difficulty. The way it affects you can be different for each person and having dyslexia doesn’t always mean you’ll struggle with reading and writing.

You might find other things difficult like planning and organising or you could find it hard to follow a sequence of instructions. If you have dyslexia, then having a diagnosis means you can get help and support for how it personally affects you.

If you think you might have dyslexia you can speak to your school’s special educational needs co coordinator (SENCO) and they’ll see what additional teaching or support you might need.  If you’re still struggling after having that support you should be offered a dyslexia assessment with a specialist.

Online tests that you complete yourself can’t give you a diagnosis, only a dyslexia specialist or an educational psychologist can do the assessment and say whether you have dyslexia or not.

When you have a diagnosis, your school and your parent or carer will make an action plan to show how you’ll be supported and what you’ll need. And you can ask more about how it affects you, what you’ll need on a daily basis as well as what could help at specific times like during tests and exams.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for support and to accept help that’s offered. You can ask your SENCO if you’re unsure whether you need the support you’ve been given or you don’t understand how it could help you.

Thank you for writing to me. Childline counsellors are here to support you too and you can also get advice from other young people on the Childline message boards.

Take care,


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