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School Injections

I have school injections in a couple of weeks, and I self harm. My cuts are all over both arms, even up to my shoulder. We have to have the injections in the hall where everyone in the rest of the year can hear what's going on, and I don't want the nurse to say anything. I can't go to the doctors to get it done either. Help!
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Hi there,

I’m pleased you’ve written to me as I can hear how worried you are about your injections and people seeing your scars from self-harming. I am sure you are not alone in your worries, as many people will feel exposed and vulnerable at a time like this.

The first issue seems to be about everyone seeing your scars as it sounds like these injections are done very publicly, in the main hall. I’m thinking that there might be issues about this for a few other people too. I’m wondering if there might be a member of staff that you could talk to about being uncomfortable that it’s so public and if there are any options to have the injections done more privately? It might be that they’ll run a small clinic for those with any concerns about it being public.

The second issue seems to be about the nurse seeing that you self-harm, what they might do about this and you not wanting them to do anything. I can’t say what the nurse would or wouldn’t have to do. However, it seems that you might need to weigh up the need to have the injection and the potential problems if you didn’t have it, against someone seeing your scars and trying to get you some help. It may be useful to think about what you might say if they did ask about them or if you needed to talk to someone else. It is normal to feel fear around something so private becoming exposed, yet some people have said that they are also relived to be able to begin such a conversation with someone who may be able to help.

You might find our Message Boards useful for more support – this is where young people help each other. If you felt able to you could start a thread about your worries and see if other young people have any experiences or ideas that they could share which might help you.

It might help for you to talk your thoughts through with one of our counsellors who can support you to work out who you could talk to at school, what you could do about seeing the nurse separately, and what you might say if you were asked about the scars. We have a section on our website around self-harm and can also support you with your reasons for self-harming and help you towards reducing or even eventually stopping but we realise that it can take time and a lot of support to get there.

Take care,


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