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  • Sam reads every letter, but can only respond to a few each week
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i havent been doing great ive been crying all night something stopping me from asking for help do you have suggestions

How do u cope

my mum is horrible and never loved me etc and now i don't know how to cope i get so attached to any adult figure that...

Magic Mushroom

Hi im 13 years old and i have been thinking about taking magic mushrooms for a very long time. I want to know how it ...


Hello sam i am an 11 year old boy turning 12 in a few weeks and i have recently started masturbating and i was wonder...

Being a short boy

Hi Sam I'm a boy nearly 15, I am the shortest boy in my class. I know I'm only likely to be around 5ft4 or 5ft5 when ...


i dont know if someone is going yo read this probably not i get everyone has there own problems in life and for someo...

Is Ask Sam confidential??

Hello! (SO sorry if this questions sounds irrelevant compared to some of the challenges others are coping with.) I wa...

Teacher's leaving

Hi, After a long 5 weeks i finally began to trust a teacher of mine. We had a great time and she would help me in man...

Message from Sam

You can write to me about anything you want and I read every single message sent. I can only reply to a few each week and I always do this in public on my page. I’m sorry if I don’t answer your letter but it’s likely there are others just like it that I have answered before. If you want a definite response or need support then talking to a Childline counsellor is the best way to do that.

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Smoking and peer pressure

I am 11 years old and have recently joined a local secondary school. After school, I usually go to the park not far f...

Drugs and smoking

At my new secondary school, lots of people smoke. The problem is that most of them are in my year and i am in the fir...

iv been smoking for 1 year now

hi . iv been smoking since i was 12   and now i cant stop , whatever i do i cant . iv tried so many times but i cant ...

smoking at the age of 12

hello my name is M and i was wondering about smoking becuase i know allot of people who smoke and when i am around th...


Iam 14 and I drink ALOT like every weekend but I drink like a whole bottle of vodka and 2 lambrinis and I down the al...


My friend and i used to be best friends and go everywhere together! she was really nice and my best friend. But then ...

Drug Peer Pressure!

Right. At college I met this boy. He smokes weed quite a bit, we were talking about it and stuff. He seems to think I...