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Sleep problems

Hello!I’m asking for some help with this because in the past i havent had many problems with sleep but now its getting more and more frequent.Over the Christmas holiday’s,i had a lot of late nights and now it is always a late night and my eyes get red marks under them from tiredness and rubbing also,i get too tempted to go on my Ipad or Phone which is not good as my RSHE teacher says”it makes your brain think its daytime”.So,i am just asking for some tips on sleep as my mum is a bit ill and i don‘t want to trouble her at this time or moment.-Thank You! 😁

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Hi there,

Sleep is important for our health. It affects how we think and feel and can also impact how we behave.  When we don’t get enough sleep, it can affect our physical and mental health. Lots of things can cause sleep problems and often these can develop over time, but trying to get into a good routine can help to improve your sleep.

Lots of young people find that when they’re on holiday or there are changes in their routine, they go to bed later. Some people find it easy to go back to their usual sleep pattern when things go back to normal, but for other people it can be much harder.

When trying to get back into a routine, instead of going from a really late bedtime to an earlier one, it can help to do it in stages. For example, you may find it helpful to go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night until you return to your normal time. 

Having a routine can be a good way to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Some people may like reading a book before bed, while others may prefer to have a shower, listen to a podcast or to have a warm drink.

Different things work for different people, but there are some things which you can try to do to have a better sleep pattern and there are also things you may want to reduce or completely avoid doing.

Being consistent is often an important part of having a good routine. This can mean going to bed at a similar time every night but might also mean trying to do things like eating your evening meal at a similar time too. While some people find they can vary their bedtimes depending on if it’s a school night or a weekend, others can find the change difficult to cope with.

Although it can be hard to do, being on your phone in bed can make it harder to get to sleep. This is because of the special blue light that comes from the screens. Devices like these have this light to help us see but it also tricks the brain into thinking it’s daytime. This can then make it harder for the brain to unwind and relax before sleep.

Trying to stop using electronic devices an hour before bed can be a good way to help your brain and body start to relax and prepare for bed. If at first you find it difficult to stop using electronic devices immediately before bed, you may be able to change the screen settings. Most smart phones have the option of a dark mode or night mode, and this can be a good option to use.

Learning relaxation techniques like mindfulness or deep breathing can be a good way to help your body relax in preparation for sleep and our Calm Zone shares lots of tips on how to do this.

The body can often give us different signs to tell us what it needs. When you’re tired you may notice your body does certain things like yawning, rubbing your eyes, starting to feel cold or other things. This can be a way of letting you know it needs some rest. If you notice your body doing these things, it can be a sign you need to get some sleep. 

Talking to others can help people get support and it can also help to share ideas. Our message boards are a place where you can talk to other young people about their sleep problems and find out what helps them to improve their bedtime routine too.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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