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I am really scared about puberty

i am really scared and worried about puberty because i am already insecure enough and now i will have to go through spots, erections and being bullied

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Hi there,

Puberty is a normal part of growing up but some people can feel worried about the changes that happen to their body.

Puberty is when the body goes through different changes as you grow and develop to become an adult. As everyone is different, it can also mean some people's bodies may start changing earlier and some may start later. When a boy goes through puberty some of the changes can be more body hair, spots, sweating and change to penis size and starting to have erections. All of these things are normal.

Any change can be difficult for people and especially when someone feels insecure. No one ever has the right to bully someone but if you’re being bullied for any reason, it’s a good idea to talk to a trusted adult so they can help to make it stop. Learning to build your confidence can help make coping with any change, like puberty, a bit easier. Listening to music that makes you feel good, reading or watching uplifting stories, doing something new and using kind words to yourself can be different things you can do to help you build your confidence.

When young people go through puberty it can also affect how they are feeling. Speaking about how you’re feeling can be a good way to help you feel better. All adults will have gone through puberty so it can be good to speak to them, this could be a parent, guardian or extended family. You can also talk to other young people on the message boards to read about different experiences of puberty and ask any questions you have.

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