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I don't know how to shave properly

I have Aspergers and a learning disability, I recently turned 18 and I hate that I still don't know how to shave my legs and down there properly, it makes me really insecure because a lot of people my age learnt how to do it when they were much younger. Do you have any advice on how I could stop getting hairs or any advice on how to stop it from growing so much? I really don't like getting hair!

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Hi there,

Shaving is something some people want to do once they reach a certain age. When you want to start shaving you might need some help to begin with. But if you don't have anyone you feel can show you what to do then you can also learn by yourself if you're careful.

You don't have to shave anywhere if you don't want to. No matter what your gender is, it's important not to shave because of pressure to look a certain way. You should do it because you want to do it. It's also not cleaner or healthier to shave, so there aren't any real health benefits to doing it.

If you do decide you want to shave then you'll need some basic equipment, such as some small scissors, a razor, some shaving cream or gel and you might want some moisturiser too. These things aren't free so you'll need to find a way to pay for them if nobody else will buy them for you. They should be easy to find in any supermarket or pharmacy.

For some parts of your body you can probably ask for help from someone more experienced - like for shaving legs or under your arms. Make sure this is a person you trust and is someone who has the right experience to show you what to do. When it comes to shaving your private areas it wouldn't be appropriate for anyone to show you or watch, so be careful if anyone says they will do that.

If you don't have anyone you can ask for help then you could find what you need online. When looking for information online it's best to stick to websites you know have good protection in place so you don't end up seeing something you don't want. Somewhere like YouTube is probably a good start. You should be careful if a video or website tells you that you need to buy certain brands or products - be aware as some people might be trying to advertise to you. Try watching a few different videos to get a range of opinions and to help you fully understand what to do.

Some basic advice is that you might want to try shaving when you’re in the shower or bath as warm water can make it easier. Take your time, trim any long hair first with scissors and then use some shaving cream or gel to help the razor glide smoothly across your skin. Don't press hard, it's better to be too soft than too hard. It might be that you don't get all of the hair the first time - if you don't then wait until the next day to try again.

I hope this has helped, thanks for writing to me.

If you’d like to speak more about this, you can always reach out to a Childline Counsellor. You could ask on the Childline message boards to see how other young people shave their private areas and what tips they can give you.

Take care.


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