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  • Sam reads every letter, but can only respond to a few each week
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My embarrassing day

ye me and my 2 friends went to my crush and I told him J liked him tben ran away I cane back and my friend told me he...

What my friend said

So ive been incecure about my body since forever and i started getting better and better and until a few weeks ago i ...

i feel ashamed

hi sam, i am 15 and a lesbian and i feel really ashamed. whenever people bring up gay people it makes me feel uneasy ...

Intrusive thoughts

Hi Sam, Recently i’ve been worried about something that I know doesn’t matter but i keep thinking about it. Basically...


i havent been doing great ive been crying all night something stopping me from asking for help do you have suggestions

How do u cope

my mum is horrible and never loved me etc and now i don't know how to cope i get so attached to any adult figure that...

Message from Sam

You can write to me about anything you want and I read every single message sent. I can only reply to a few each week and I always do this in public on my page. I’m sorry if I don’t answer your letter but it’s likely there are others just like it that I have answered before. If you want a definite response or need support then talking to a Childline counsellor is the best way to do that.

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Epilepsy and convincing people

Hey Sam! I have been having symptoms of epilepsy and seizures for years now. and I've only just told my parents earli...

Who is right, mother or I?

I believe my mother immensely dislikes me, because she constantly complains about my Asperger's Syndrome. My mother h...

Is Stuttering a disability?

Hey, so I was in my French lesson last Friday and I heard my teacher say something about how stuttering is a disabili...


I have dyspraxia and I feel nobody understands. Everyone seems to find it funny how I can't tie my shoelaces, my hand...

Being in a wheelchair

Dear sam i have been in a wheelchair since I was 11 because I was knocked by a car and lost both of my legs and have ...


I took two dislexia tests recently online, one said i show moderate signs and the other said I show very strong signs...

I can't get a girlfriend

Hi Sam iam in a wheelchair and I have been fancying this girl for a long time we are friends but I dont know how to a...

disabled parents what can i do

Hi am 12 years old both of my parents are wonderful and amazing but thers a promblem there both disabled my dad is bl...


Hello Sam, Autism runs in my family, I have it and my dad and my brother has it, everyone in my class thinks I am da...


im 14 and i am autistic and i have hypermobility syndrome and i have a astigmatism my pe teachers are constantly tryi...