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Finding out I had an other dad

on the 1st of june 2018, I got an message over social media from a boy around the age of 21 practically telling me I ...

Struggling relationship

Hi :) so i think i’m pregnant and my boyfriend is saying if i keep it he’s leaving, if i tell my mum i’d get kicked o...

Failed my GCSE's

Hey Sam, I just wanted to say that I failed my GCSE's and didn't get the grade I needed to in order to do what I want...

School loneliness

Hi Sam, I’ve never done one of these before but here it goes. I’m in year 11 at school and I have no friends at all a...

Message from Sam

It can be hard to spot the signs of an abusive relationship, even when you’re in the relationship yourself. I’d be really interested in hearing about harmful relationships in the next few weeks. Remember that I only respond to a few letters each week but I do read all of them.

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I have dyspraxia and I feel nobody understands. Everyone seems to find it funny how I can't tie my shoelaces, my hand...


I took two dislexia tests recently online, one said i show moderate signs and the other said I show very strong signs...

I can't get a girlfriend

Hi Sam iam in a wheelchair and I have been fancying this girl for a long time we are friends but I dont know how to a...

disabled parents what can i do

Hi am 12 years old both of my parents are wonderful and amazing but thers a promblem there both disabled my dad is bl...


Hello Sam, Autism runs in my family, I have it and my dad and my brother has it, everyone in my class thinks I am da...


im 14 and i am autistic and i have hypermobility syndrome and i have a astigmatism my pe teachers are constantly tryi...