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My brother has autism and it's hard

My older brother has a lot of stuff , I know that he has autism. It's really hard to live with him sometimes as he has this routine and certain ways he does things and if it's not done like that he can't handle it and gets mad. I can't say that I want something without him saying that it's stupid and I shouldn't want it and everything has to be done his way. It can be really hard to live with him and all the things his Austin has affects on.
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Hi there,

Being in a family can be tough at times as you have to spend time with people who are different to you and this is often a challenge, especially if someone in the family has a particular set of needs.

From what you have told me it sounds like you feel like you have to fit in with what your brother says and what your brother wants, and you are finding doing things his way very hard. I wonder who else might know how you are feeling about things at home. It might be good to speak to your parents or carers about your feelings and to ask for some help. 

Perhaps it might be possible to set some rules about the way things are managed at home so that you are able to feel listened to and more valued. It’s important that within a family everyone is given time for themselves and is allowed to have their say and develop their own personality.

You can find more information on our Autism page. On the National Autistic Society website there is more specific information about living with autism, and a section for siblings. You might also like to have a look at our message boards to see how other people are coping in a similar situations.

If you would like more support to help you through this difficult time, you can talk to ChildLine at any time.

Take care for now,

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