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I took two dislexia tests recently online, one said i show moderate signs and the other said I show very strong signs of having dislexia. I'm in all top sets but have recently realised that I find things like spellings  and knowing things like my left from my right very hard. It also seems that I have to try much harder than everyone else. I'm worried that if by asking to have the schools dislexia test I will move down sets and be treated differently by everyone and not get into top universities.
Please help me!!!!
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Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch with me. It sounds like this is a really big worry for you at the moment.

First of all I'm going to let you know that being dyslexic has nothing to do with how intelligent you are. It shouldn't affect what set you are in or going to university. Many people from all walks of life have learning difficulties that have not stopped them from achieving great things. The British Dyslexia Association has a list of some well-known, successful people who have dyslexia.

If the tests show you do have dyslexia, it should just mean that you get extra support and sometimes extra things to help you. For example, some people with dyslexia find it easier to use a transfer or overlay on their computer screen.

Perhaps you could talk to an adult at school who you trust about your worries - there will be a teacher in your school who has had special training to work with people who are dyslexic. Perhaps there is a teacher you trust more than others - whoever you decide to talk to should be able to help you. You can find some useful tips on our page about asking an adult for help.

You can also talk to one of our counsellors. They are always here for you and would like to support you.

Take Care,

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