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im 14 and i am autistic and i have hypermobility syndrome and i have a astigmatism my pe teachers are constantly trying to to have a go at me because i am unable to do rugby or football or something along those lines and i am also getting bullyed every now and again by class mates who make it hard for me to learn or make fun of my problems, im just starting to feel rundown and im just starting to not fell anything about anything related to school, i think i might be losing it ....
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Hi there,

Thank you for telling me how things are for you. You’ve done really well to write to me.

It sounds as though you feel different to other people and I can hear that this is getting to you and making you unhappy. It’s very wrong of anybody to bully you and it’s not your fault that anybody is treating you like this. It sounds like people are making it hard for you to learn. You have every right to learn at school. Nobody has the right to make school more difficult for you. Your school has a responsibility to keep you safe from bullying. 

Sometimes, people in a situation like this find helpful to talk to a trusted adult, like a teacher, a parent or a carer. If you’re not sure about speaking to somebody face to face at first, remember that you can always write down everything that’s been happening and show it to someone. You have taken a brave and important first step in writing to me about this. Writing down what has been happening to you and showing it to someone you trust could really help to stop the bullying.

You said that people are making fun of your problems and I’m concerned to hear that this is happening. You deserve respect. I thought you might like to read more about what the National Autistic Society says about bullying.

I can tell that you’re having a hard time in PE and teachers have a responsibility to act respectfully as well. If you feel that they are putting too much pressure on you or not being respectful, you can let somebody at school know about this. You do not tell me anything about who you live with or who looks after you, but home is often a good place to start talking about things like this.

If you’d like to talk about any of this some more, it could help to talk to a ChildLine counsellor. Please remember that we are always there to listen and you don’t have to go through this on your own, particularly if, as you say, you feel you are ‘losing it’. You can call a ChildLine counsellor for support on 0800 1111 or log on for a 1-2-1 chat.

Thanks again for taking the time and having the courage to write to me. I’m really glad that you got in touch.

Take care,


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