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School in 6 weeks after surgery

Hello Sam, I had major ear and brain surgery two weeks ago, and it has left me with a massive scar around 10cm and I'm scared about when I go to school in 6 weeks.

The scar is visible under my hair because I wear it in a ponytail and I had quite a lot of hair shaved off.

Thank you

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Hi there,

It can be scary when going back to school, college or work after a long time away or a change in your appearance. It's hard not to imagine what people might say and think about you - these are really normal worries. But it's important to not let these worries change how you act. You're still the same person you were and it's okay to be yourself, no matter what.

You'll probably find most people will either get used to seeing your scar very quickly or some may not notice it at all. If you think about times when someone you know has changed and how quickly you got used to it, that might give you an idea of how others will react.

You might want to think of some responses to questions people may have for you about what's happened. People who care about you will naturally be interested in your experiences. If you're able to show confidence when explaining, it's much more likely that people will be able to accept this change and move on quickly. To do this, try writing down some responses to questions and practicing them over the holidays.

If there are people who are mean or say uncomfortable things to you, it's always okay to tell someone about it. Nobody has the right to bully you or make you feel uncomfortable about what you've gone through. If this is happening, try speaking to an adult you trust or talking to one of our counsellors who can support you.

Remember that you're still yourself and people's appearances change all the time. The things your friends and family already love about you are all still there and these are what stand out.

I hope this helps, thanks for your letter.


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