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Iam 14 and I drink ALOT like every weekend but I drink like a whole bottle of vodka and 2 lambrinis and I down the all straight like last weekend I downed 2 big bottles of lambrini in 5 mins and takes me like 10 mins to down the vodka but I get my self into states that I don't like and boys take advantage and let's just say Iam not a virgin no more and I end uk cryin over anythink sometime, but Iam just scared because I don't really know what it's doing to me like I never get hangovers but this morning I feel like crap like I want to be sick and everything and I want to know what it can do or what it is doing to me and am I drinking way to much? Thanks
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Hi there,

Thank you for telling me about what has been happening as I can hear how much worry it’s causing you.

From what you’ve described you are drinking too much alcohol and I know it’s very tempting for young people to drink when underage, but the law is there to protect them from the dangers of using alcohol. These dangers include causing direct harm to your body (e.g. alcohol poisoning, liver damage) and getting into unsafe situations because your thinking and judgment isn’t clear and you are not able to control you mind or body as well as you normally do. If you haven’t already seen it, the Explore section has information on Alcohol use as does Talk to Frank, which gives information of the effect and related risks of alcohol.

Often when people use drugs or alcohol it is a way of them avoiding or trying to deal with something that’s going on or happened to them. It is important to know that alcohol does not provide a solution and in many cases makes things worse. You may find it helpful to think about the first time you drank alcohol, or a lot of it, and if anything happened which may have caused you to want to start drinking alcohol. Some people find that dealing with a separate issue which is bothering them can help to explain and reduce or completely stop their drinking.

It sounds like you want to stop drinking because of the affect it has on you and it's important you know there is support available for you, to help you stop. You can speak to your doctor explaining how much you have been drinking; you could also talk to your school counsellor or nurse, if they have one and they would be able to support you through this too.

You mentioned that boys have been taking advantage of you, there is a link between sex and alcohol which the brook website talks about in more detail. If you’re putting yourself in risky situation its important to think about how you can minimise the risk to your safety and well-being. This can include not being left alone with any boys or using contraception if you’re going to have sex.

If you want to talk more in confidence about what is going on, you can always talk to one of the ChildLine counsellors by phone (a free call) or by logging in for a 1-2-1 chat. The counsellor could talk through your options and explore how it’s making you feel, which could help you to feel less alone with this problem.

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