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Hi my name is Owne i am 9 years old i am in Year4 and I am colour blind and i school i always get asked what is that colour and i will love some help.

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Hi there,

Sometimes people might have trouble telling the difference between certain colours, this can be known as being colour blind.  This can mean someone may think two different colours are the same. This can make it difficult doing certain tasks but there is support there for you.

Being colour blind can affect people in different ways, for most people with colour blindness they can find it difficult to tell the difference between shades of red, yellow and green. However other people with colour blindness may find it's other colours which they find difficult to see. Most people with colour blindness can see some shades of colours, however for a small amount of people they may not be able to see any colours at all. Most of the time someone is born being colour blind, but often its only until someone is an older child or even an adult that they realise they have it.

To get tested for being colour blind you can go to your opticians and ask for a colour vision test. If the opticians find you have colour blindness they can talk to you about what can help you. This can be having special tinted glasses or changing the screen settings on devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.

It can also be helpful if your parents/carers speak to your teachers about your colour blindness. This is because your teachers could ask you questions where you may need to know colours, but if they know you have colour blindness they can support you to be able to join in with school work in a way that suits you. Your school could also help by labelling colouring pencils. or avoiding using certain colours when doing tasks, such as in sport not using cones that people who are colour blind can’t see.

If it's other children who keep asking you to name colours, it’s okay to tell them you don’t want to do it. Speaking to a trusted adult like a parent or teacher about what is happening can be a good way to get support and help the other children know what is OK and not OK to say.

Many young people have colour blindness, some know and some may not be aware of it just yet. You may find it helpful to speak to other young people on the message boards on how they cope with having colour blindness or other things which affect their eye sight.

Hope this helps

Take care


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