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Is childline safe?

Dear Sam, I know childline but is it safe because if I share all my info with childline is it safe? I mean I trust this website but what if I post something like embarrassing and someone bullies me is childline safe? See you soon. :)

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Hi there,

Childline is a safe place to talk and share information. Anything posted on here is anonymous, and anything shared on our public platforms like the message boards or image gallery is moderated. That means everything people say is checked for anything that could identify you or be offensive before posting. If you look at the house rules, you’ll see posts that are seen as bullying are never allowed.

Childline is confidential, which means anything anyone shares with us is kept between them and Childline. However, there are some situations where Childline might share something if it’s thought a person’s life is in danger or if someone has asked us to.

Childline counsellors are there to listen and support others and would never judge anyone. Any information shared within our confidentiality guidelines is kept safe. If you have an account and you contact us, we do keep some confidential notes that can help when you come back, as it saves repeating everything you’ve already discussed. Again, only Childline has access to these notes.

You’re very welcome to contact us to discuss this further or use any of Childline’s services.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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