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I recently found out about Childline's SignVideo, and I have a question. Does your counsellor see you, or just the interpreter? Also, do I have to show my face, is it possible that I could sign without showing my face, because that might make be more comfortable (but harder to understand).

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Hi there,

SignVideo is a service that lets you to talk to Childline if you’re deaf and prefer to use sign language to talk. It's available between certain hours of the day and doesn't cost you anything.

The way SignVideo works is easy. You just need a camera on your phone, tablet or computer. When you're ready to talk you can go to our SignVideo page and click the link to begin. You might be asked to allow your device to use your camera.

Then you’ll be connected to an interpreter who understands sign language. The interpreter is the only person who can see you. They will work the same way that Childline does in terms of confidentiality - they are only there to pass on what you’re saying to a counsellor and nobody else. The interpreter calls Childline on the phone and tells us what you are signing to them. The counsellor never sees what you look like and only hears from the interpreter.

It's important you feel comfortable when you talk to the SignVideo interpreter, so try to find a space that's private and where you feel able to talk. It's up to you how much of your face you want to show, but it might make talking more difficult if they can't see you very clearly. This is something you and the interpreter can agree before they start talking to the counsellor.

I hope this has helped - we want everyone to be able to talk to us in a way that's comfortable for them. Remember there's also 1-2-1 online chat and you can send an email from your locker as well if you're able to use those.

Thanks for writing to me, take care.


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