How to build confidence this September

School has started and autumn is on its way. But there’s still lots you can do to make the most of this time of year, from getting out in the sunshine to making new friends.

The school holidays might be over for another year, but as summer turns to autumn there’s still lots you can do. There could be sunny weekends to enjoy, new activities to try or chances to make new friends.

Changes at this time of year can also bring new pressures – that could be from moving up a year at school, changing schools, or problems with friends or family. You might find it difficult to get back into the school routine or be struggling with homework.

Whether you’re looking forward to September, or are worried about it, we’re here to make things a bit better for you.

Feeling better about how you look

Feeling better about the way you look can help you to feel more confident.

Sometimes people can feel a bit more pressure in sunnier weather, with more outdoor activities and sports, days on the beach and summer clothes. You might feel you should have a certain body shape, or ‘perfect’ skin.

Remember that confident people look all sorts of different ways, and that images you see online and in films aren’t necessarily real.

Other things that could help are:

  • writing down one thing you like about yourself every day
  • building your confidence in different areas that are not about how you look
  • only follow social media accounts that make you feel happy and positive.

Our how you look page will give you even more ideas and tips for feeling better about your body.

Why not try a new sport?

One way you could build confidence and start feeling more positive about yourself is to try a new activity or sport. There are lots of options and it doesn't need to be a team sport - it could be anything from archery to yoga. Find out more about body image and sport

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Feeling lonely? Here are some tips to help

Coping with family issues

September can bring lots of changes in your family – going back to school, changing schools, getting used to new routines, new friends and interests.

That can be fun. It can also lead to arguments at home. It’s normal to not get on with your family sometimes, but if it happens a lot that can be stressful.

If you’re arguing with your parents or carers, you could try:

  • Waiting until things have calmed down, and you feel calm, before trying to speak to them again (only if you feel safe)
  • Saying sorry if you think you have done something wrong. You can still be assertive, which is saying what you need or think without being aggressive (again, only if you feel safe doing this)
  • Getting support, which could mean speaking to an adult you trust, contacting Childline at any time, or calling 999 in an emergency.

Maybe your parents are splitting up, you’re moving in with a step-family, or a parent or carer has problems with alcohol.

Remember that Childline is here to support you and you can contact us in the way that’s best for you.

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Taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself covers lots of things, including your mind, your body and your feelings. September might bring a change to your routine – with different places, people and activities. Carrying on with some of the things you like, as well as trying something new, might help you adjust. You could:

  • make sure you're getting enough sleep. A good night's sleep will help you feel better during the day
  • test out a different food or new recipe – how about a summery salad or autumn fruit such as apples, plums or blackberries? A balanced diet can help you feel better
  • start a healthy routine – such as a few things you do every morning to help the day get off to a good start.

We've got lots more advice on taking care of yourself, including videos and a step-by-step morning routine.

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