Summer holidays

The summer holidays can be a great chance to do things with your friends and have some time off. The holidays aren’t great for everyone though, and we’re here to help you cope.

Worrying about the summer

The summer holidays are different for everyone. You might be excited about a holiday or having time off, or you could be thinking about what might happen or how you’ll cope.

You might be worried about:

Childline is here all through the holidays to support you, whether that’s having someone to talk to, giving you ideas of things to do or helping you to get support when you need it.

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Coping with summer holidays

Getting support

The summer holidays can mean losing the support you normally have at school or college. Or being expected to take on more responsibilities to look after people at home.

If you’re worried about coping over the holidays, it can help to:

  • Talk about it
    If you have someone you normally see for support, you can talk to them about where to get help if you need it. You can also talk to us all through the holidays.
  • Create a safety plan
    It can help to make a plan of what to do if you feel unsafe. You can also make a mental health first aid kit to help you know what to do if things get overwhelming. In an emergency you can always call 999.
  • Make time for yourself
    Try to do at least one thing a day you enjoy or that helps you to feel good.
  • Focus on the future
    The holidays can feel like a long time, but they will end. It can help to focus on anything you’re looking forward to after the holidays.
  • Share your experiences
    Create an account to keep a journal, write an email to us or post on the message boards to other young people.