We can all feel embarrassed or worried about what other people are thinking sometimes. We’ve got tips to help you deal with these feelings.

What is embarrassment?

Embarrassment is the uncomfortable feeling you get when something’s made you worry about how other people are seeing you. You could be feeling this way because of something you’ve said or done, how you look or because of something that’s been said about you.

Feeling embarrassed can leave you feeling upset, isolated or hurt, even when you’ve done nothing wrong. It can be really difficult when it affects how you see yourself, or stops you doing things you want to.

Lots of people feel embarrassed sometimes, and it’s important to remember that those feelings usually pass in time.

5 things you might feel embarrassed about:
  • being hurt, put down or bullied by other people
  • talking about sex or your body
  • something you’ve said or done that you regret
  • sharing how you’re feeling or asking for help
  • what happens at home or with your family.

You never need to feel embarrassed speaking to Childline, and you can talk to us about anything.

How to deal with embarrassment

There are lots of ways to deal with feeling embarrassed, and we’re here to help.

Helping someone else

Seeing your friends or people you care about feeling embarrassed can be tough, and it’s natural to want to help. There are a few simple things you can do to support someone who’s feeling this way:

Avoid focusing on what’s happened

Talking a lot about something that’s happened or focusing on it can make someone feel more embarrassed, especially if they’re trying to move on. It can help to show someone that it’s not a big deal and that things can carry on afterwards.

Show them that you care about them

Sending someone a message to show you care about them and spending time together can help to show someone that they’re still cared about.

Give them space to talk

Let someone know that you’re there if they want to talk, and if they do try to listen and ask questions without judgement. Even when you can’t change a situation, listening to someone can help them to feel better.

Share your own experiences

Telling someone stories of things that have happened to you can help to show someone that they’re not alone, and that things can feel differently in the future