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  1. Setting and sharing goals

    Started by Jas-Host / 29/01/2018 14:07 / Replies 100
    Hi everyone, Having realistic goals for what we want to do and what we want to achieve can be a r...

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  2. This is rather offensive to me (as a Christian))

    Started by Reading-Sheep / 01/04/2021 19:16 / Replies 10
    So hey I'm Reading-Bug and there's this one singer (Lil Nas X) that mocked my religion in a way t...

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    By BuddyBooToYou /
  3. I can't trust my therapist anymore

    Started by starrybisexual / 09/10/2021 07:30 / Replies 1
    i've had this current therapist for 1 year & 2 months. i form attachments really easily &...

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    By BrightSmilingGoat2855 /
  4. Worried about the American vs British stuff

    Started by nepster / 11/10/2021 20:18 / Replies 0
    I feel worried on if I participate in this American vs British thing, is it meant to be just joki...
  5. Just wanna talk? Xx

    Started by Sloths-are-awesome / 29/02/2020 11:11 / Replies 197
    Hey people! No ones really been chatting at all and if anyone wants to talk about literally anyth...

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  6. Why am I different

    Started by Honey0 / 20/03/2017 22:11 / Replies 64
    Hello message boards Well im a 16 year old girl with autism spectrum disorder you might think im ...

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  7. My autistic trait of not understanding taboo

    Started by nepster / 09/10/2021 20:15 / Replies 0
    What should I do when I do something that is harmful but I didn’t know due to my autism? Is it my...
  8. I dont know what's changed

    Started by Coffeeislife476 / 02/10/2021 13:39 / Replies 7
    I used to love coming onto childline to talk to others and even debate things in a nice way. Now ...

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    By Coffeeislife476 /
  9. Hello I'm making another venting space again

    Started by BuddyBooToYou / 20/09/2021 20:01 / Replies 4
    Yes. I'm making a place feel free to vent I will try my best to answer. A lot of people have alre...

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  10. `Anxiety :(

    Started by Certified-Darkness / 28/09/2021 20:05 / Replies 0
    Hi (M16), ​ i get support from mentors and tutors, but for some reason when the realisation...