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  1. Setting and sharing goals

    Started by Jas-Host / 29/01/2018 14:07 / Replies 49
    Hi everyone, Having realistic goals for what we want to do and what we want to achieve can be a r...

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  2. My unsent letters space :) /

    Started by AlwaysHaveHopex / 27/01/2018 12:38 / Replies 390
    Hey, I'd made a thread in Young Carers a little while ago, but that quickly became less of a Youn...

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  3. Unsent Letters /

    Started by Alphabet15 / 08/06/2017 19:38 / Replies 1543
    Hi, I have used this idea before and so have started a new thread which I hope others can contrib...

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  4. Urges... PLEASE READ!!

    Started by x-alex-x / 12/12/2018 21:42 / Replies 1
    This might not seem to important to you. You might think 'Urges? Nah, they can't be serious.' I'd...

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  5. Family

    Started by Kylemac144 / 12/12/2018 17:21 / Replies 1
    I hate havin ADHD, because my family always use it toward me saying" you disable idiot "...

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  6. nostalgic feels

    Started by femall / 09/12/2018 18:20 / Replies 3
    hey so i'm in year 8 right now and basically i just miss a lot of my friends from primary. no-one...

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  7. What is wrong with me?

    Started by BeaTheCat / 11/12/2018 18:37 / Replies 0
    So, I have this thing where I always put myself down and every single time anyone at home sighs I...
  8. Talk to someone

    Started by Feminist05 / 07/12/2018 23:45 / Replies 2
    hey everyone! I just wanted to ask for someone’s advice on talking to people about your feelings....

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    By Feminist05 /
  9. ew me

    Started by itslifelol1204 / 09/12/2018 01:36 / Replies 0
    love the way when i first came onto childline it was about my ex and how i thought i loved him an...
  10. Feeling horrible

    Started by Milliej123 / 27/11/2018 22:02 / Replies 3
    i apoligise in advanced because i have never done this before and i am terrible at spelling so pr...

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    By Milliej123 /