If you’re feeling anxious or COVID is making life harder, we’re here to help.

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What is coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus. It can affect people's lungs and airways, but is usually milder for children and young people. Most people who get COVID or coronavirus will recover fully, but it can still be dangerous for some people.

In 2020 much of the world went into lockdown. This meant that there were times when people couldn’t go to school or work, couldn’t see people outside their home and had to stay at home most of the time.

Even though the lockdown is over, lots of people are still feeling affected by it. If you’re worried about COVID-19 or anything that’s happened, we’re here to support you.

Coping after the lockdown

The lockdown has had a big effect on lots of people’s lives. And even though it’s finished, lots of people are still struggling.

There are lots of things you might be worried about, and it can help to talk about what’s happening.

You might be struggling to cope with:

Dealing with anxiety

It’s natural to feel anxious about things that are happening in the world, especially if you’re not feeling in control. But whatever’s happening, there are ways to cope:

  • Talk about it
    You’re not alone in how you’re feeling, and it can help to talk. Speak to someone you trust, a Childline counsellor or post anonymously on the message boards.
  • Focus on your body
    Anxiety can feel overwhelming sometimes, but focusing on your breathing and trying some exercises can help to calm you down.
  • Take time away from the news
    Lots of news articles will have titles designed to make you anxious so you read them. Only look at news you trust and take a break from it every day.
  • Give yourself time
    It’s natural to worry and it’s okay to need time to yourself. If you’re pushing yourself to just carry on, make time to take breaks and do something you enjoy.