Visiting your doctor

Doctors are there for us whenever we need help - we just need to ask! But it’s normal to sometimes feel nervous or scared about seeing a doctor. This page is full of questions that young people have asked Doctor Ranj. Check out his tips and advice.

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Making appointments

Lots of young people see their doctor because they're worried about something, are feeling unwell or need treatment. You can visit your doctor at any age, about any issue to do with your physical or mental health.

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Self-harm, suicidal feelings and mental health

Will I get sectioned?

It can feel scary getting help if you’re worried you might have a mental health problem. Mental health YouTuber Laura Lejeune chats to us about her own experiences.

TRIGGER WARNING: Self harm is discussed in this video.

talking about private stuff

Can you talk to a doctor about someone else?

You can talk to a doctor about yourself or someone you're worried about. This is especially important if you think they might be in danger, unsafe or very ill. You might be asked to encourage them to get help, or if it’s serious they can try to get them help directly. If it’s a friend, then you could talk to them to see if you going to the doctor’s with them might help.

Check out our tips for helping a friend.

How would a doctor test for pregnancy?

Firstly, a doctor needs a good reason to test you for pregnancy. For example, if you’re having symptoms of pregnancy. So don’t worry about being tested unnecessarily. Also they should ask your permission to do so (or at least let you know why it’s important). Then it’s a quick urine test and you should get the result in a few minutes. If this isn’t suitable then you may occasionally be referred for a scan or blood tests. Each situation is different but your doctor should explain things to you so you understand.

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