Christmas can be an exciting time when people get together to celebrate. But it can be a difficult time for some people. If you’re feeling lonely, worried or stressed, we've got tips and advice that can help you. 

We're here for you

Christmas can be a difficult time for some young people, for many different reasons – from family arguments to feeling lonely.

But even if you or your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, it can be hard to escape the holiday season sometimes. It might be frustrating to hear everyone talking about Christmas if it's a time of year that you don’t enjoy.

We’re here for you throughout Christmas and New Year. Whether you want to speak to a counsellor or talk to other young people on the message boards, you're not alone. It can really help to talk to someone.

Not everyone celebrates

It might seem like everyone celebrates Christmas when every advert on TV is about Christmas, and the shops are full of decorations and gifts. But even if you or your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you can still enjoy this time of year. It’s a holiday and that means you have some time to relax, enjoy yourself and see friends and family.

If you feel left out or different because you’re not celebrating Christmas, you could talk to your mum, dad or carers. They might not realise you feel this way. If you can’t talk to them, you can always get support from our counsellors or share your feelings with other young people on our message boards.

Help for the holidays

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